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Often, small businesses don’t pay much attention to the accounts payable until there is a problem. However, they can benefit greatly from optimizing how this department is run. The accounts payable department can impact cash flow. For example, accounts payable can pay attention to potential discounts and find ways to make sure that suppliers meet their obligations. Take a look at some of the most common accounts payable problems. 

Accounts Payable Problems

Often small businesses miss opportunities to save money and increase their profits. They can get into trouble by getting behind on paperwork, and a number of other issues, including the following:

  • Making sure that payments are made on time
  • Streamlining invoice approvals
  • Negotiating best payment terms with suppliers
  • Making sure that obligations are met by suppliers
  • Dealing with supplier accounting and invoicing
  • Recording and verifying security of data and transactions

Another big problem is paper invoicing, which includes paper invoices being lost. This can lead to late payments, and it slows down the approval process. It is also more difficult to analyze it and determine what the most efficient processes are. 

How to Optimize Accounts Payable

It is important to streamline your accounts payable department, and there are several ways to do this. You can digitize your paperwork with object character recognition and take advantage of online portables that are accessible to suppliers. You can also create management workflows. Take a look at these processes:

  • OCR: This process scans data and automatically integrates it into your databases. It eliminates the need to manually enter data.
  • Supplier Portals: There are online supplier portals that track orders, look at invoices, and check on payments. This reduces errors.
  • Establish Workflows and Processes: Small businesses need to establish procedures for how data is input and shared, as well as set processes for approving and paying invoices. 

Outsourcing Can Optimize Accounts Payable

If you are experiencing issues with accounts payable, you can outsource to a third-party provider. They can help you set up object character recognition and create workflows that allow your business to operate more efficiently. It can be expensive to implement IT systems on your own, so outsourcing can be a great solution.