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When you’ve invested a lot of time into a business, you begin to develop a rhythm. You’ve grown accustomed to a certain pattern of work and workload. But when you’ve done a good job, you’ll find yourself at a point where things start to change. Change is scary, but a change in a business is downright painful. When you start to grow up from a small business, you’ll notice certain things begin to cause issues, but if you know what to expect you’ll be able to move forward with comfort and confidence.



Hiring is a difficult process and a critical decision. You want to hire the best people to help you continue to expand, and doing so properly requires a lot of care. During the interview process, focus on hiring individuals that have more than just skills – they need to believe in the small business mission and goals. Having to hire repeatedly is a strain upon your business hours, so spend the time to get it right the first time.

Employee Benefits

Benefits are a major draw for employees of all kinds. Being able to offer health insurance, dental and vision, PTO, and the rest of the common benefits is a major aid in keeping your employees on board. This requires a lot of effort to research what funding you can put towards insurance and the like. After a certain point, you’ll be able to hire a full-time HR team to help with this, but until then you should set aside time to plan out the basics of what you want to be able to offer – and what you can offer.


Unless your small business is something very settled, like dentistry or accounting, you might have issues ensuring that new hires understand the roles and processes that they are responsible for. To ensure a long-time employee relationship, you’ll need to work to have documents that provide detailed information on how to fulfill these roles and complete the work. Even if you expect certain roles to change and develop as you grow, you should plan for these changes.