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Omid Chaman


About Omid Chaman

Omid Chaman is a talented professional and second-generation business owner working in the Wholesale and Trade Handmade Oriental Rug Industry in Great Neck, New York. 

For nearly 40 years, Omid Chaman has been gaining experience in the Oriental Rug Industry; his parents founded the Chaman Antique Rug Gallery in 1981, and he joined the team in 1999. During his time since joining Chaman Antique Rug Gallery, Omid has helped the business advance by utilizing his digital skills, eye for color, technology, and advertisement to showcase his knowledge and expertise as an international carpet consultant dealing with both new and antique rugs. 

At the Chaman Antique Rug Gallery, they specialize in the sale and trade of rugs, carpets, and tapestries from the Early 16th Century to the Early 20th Century, found in auction houses and estate sales all over the place. Their collection includes pieces from Turkey, Asia, Persia, India, and all over the globe. Omid himself is particularly passionate about finding 17th-Century tapestries in need of refurbishment.

Additionally, Omid Chaman is a Certified Rug Appraiser with the Oriental Rug Retailers Association (ORRA). The Association was founded in 1969 with the goal of bringing ethical practices and high standards to the handmade rug business. In the decades since, the ORRA has distinguished itself as an industry leader and the go-to for reliable information and support. 

Alongside his career in the Oriental Rug Industry, Omid Chaman recently passed the exam to become a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Salesperson. Together with his wife, Angela – who is also a Laffey Real Estate Agent – Omid founded The Chaman Group, where he’s currently serving as President. Together, they’ve been focused on making the business grow and working to foster a talented team of professionals with multifaceted experience in real estate. By expanding the business, they’re looking to develop in-house expertise in both the listing side and business side of real estate. 

Outside of his robust professional life, Omid Chaman is personally passionate about sports cars. From childhood – when he collected posters of his favorite cars – to the present – where he has a nice personal collection of sports cars to enjoy – Omid’s interest in sports cars has been lifelong. He also works to refurbish and sell old sports cars on the side as a hobby, which interests him greatly and provides a creative outlet in his life. 

Gain more business insight and learn tips and tricks from Omid Chaman by checking out his blog page! 

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